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Consultancy Services

KM Coaching and Consultancy has the benefit of Kerry McLeod’s experience as an Executive, who has worked in local government and social housing for over 20 years. Over this time she has supported managers be effective people managers and has been heavily involved in Managing People and Teams, Change Management, Business Strategy, Planning and Development, Governance and Corporate Services.

Kerry has previously worked within a Scottish Housing Association as Depute CEO, responsible for supporting the setting of organisational strategy and the meeting of business objectives. Examples of projects that Kerry has been key in delivering are:

  • Managing the process of organisational restructure
  • Leading and supporting managers and teams through the change management process
  • Project managing, incorporating and supporting a coaching culture within an organisation 
  • Supporting operational managers to become more competent and confident ‘people managers’
  • Delivering training for senior managers in areas such as coaching approach, conflict resolution, managing performance and leadership training
  • Supporting managers adopt a coaching style of leadership with their people and teams 

We can offer services that focus on project work within your organisation or we can work with your managers and team members to appreciate differences, by identifying what might be getting in the way of moving forward by assisting them better understand themselves and others but also the role they have in the organisation.

The effect is that the organisation gains more confident people managers who are focussed alongside team members who are motivated and empowered, driving improvements in both the individuals’ and the organisations’ performance.