Let Me Help You with

Executive and Business Coaching

As a leader, you are someone who others in the organisation look to for leadership, with the expectation of providing future direction. 

We appreciate that as a leader, it can often be isolating to be in this position.  We also appreciate that as a leader your time and people are your most valuable assets.

Through a collaborative process, we can assist you identify what the barriers and blockages are that temporarily stop you from moving forward, freeing you to develop yourself and therefore the organisation by creating realistic and measurable action steps. 

Executive Coaching is a form of professional and yet also personal development that opens up your capacity to lead even more effectively, assisting you prioritise, develop and then deliver the goals of your organisation or business, whilst further developing you as a leader in the process. 

We have coached CEOs, senior leaders and individuals from all walks of life within the Private, Public and Voluntary Sectors.  One factor need to be present for leaders to get the most out of coaching, they must be looking for new ways of working, ready for change, and ready to move forward with new approaches.

We can offer Executive Coaching in the following business areas:

  • Reviewing and implementing policy and procedures 
  • Organisational change and enabling change
  • Business Strategy 
  • Planning and Development 
  • Governance 
  • Corporate Services 
  • Change Management 
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Strategic thinking and managing

Together we can develop a trusting, collaborative, supportive and confidential environment, where you can look at the issues, identifying new ways and then move forward with a new approach. 

Most clients look at tailoring a program that fits their needs and the needs of their organisation.

This can involve up to six sessions, with opportunities to use the services of KM Coaching and Consultancy to assist on any specific strategic needs of the organisation.