What We Do

Our Coaching & Consultancy Programmes

Executive & Business Coaching

We appreciate that as a leader, you can often be in an isolated position. We also appreciate that as a leader your time and people are your most valuable assets. Through a collaborative process, we can assist you identify the barriers and blockages are that temporarily stop you from moving forward, freeing you to develop yourself and the organisation by creating realistic and measurable action steps.

Personal & Life Coaching

In life we often find ourselves not doing the things that are either important to us or that makes us happy. This is a common experience. You can change this though, by working with us to identify what are your priorities, dreams and wishes are, where your potential lies and then we can plot a new path that takes you in your new direction. We can help you to plot that path and journey along it.

Consultancy Services

Kerry McLeod’s experience as an Executive, who has worked in local government and social housing for over twenty years. Over this time she has supported managers be effective people managers and has been heavily involved in Managing People and Teams, Change Management, Business Strategy, Planning and Development, Governance and Corporate Services